Friday, 12 May 2017

Looking for IVR Application Developers for project in Seattle, WA.


Client is looking for  IVR Application Developers for project in Seattle, WA. 

Duration: 1 year+ 

Need strong Javascript and Voicexml experience.

An application Developer needs knowledge and skill in: VoiceXML, xHMI, Java, XML (SRGS) grammar syntax, JavaScript, and VUI design.

 An Application Developer writes, integrates, and tests the core speech application code using VoiceXML (possibly with embedded ECMAScript routines), xHMI, OpenSpeech DialogModules™, and/or SpeechPaks™. An application developer will also work with JAVA Server Pages (JSP), JAVA code, and other programming to incorporate back-end database calls and business logic into the application callflow, to integrate telephony functions, to integrate CTI data, and to log user-defined events. Alarming, reporting, and application administration programming tasks may also be included depending on the project. The Application Developer also works with the Grammar Developer to define the interface between the grammars (input parameters as well as return keys and values) and the application call flow.

 Task List 

Write program code as defined in the VUI specification document

Integrate logging through application code

Design and write test code

Maintain and sustain the program(s)

Prepare functional specs on the uses of the program(s)

Please send resumes with contact details, H1B Copy, DL, Best rate 





Work:678 899 6878


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